Cutting edge 

Research Information

Over 100,000 Transplants Annually

Constant innovation has helped corneal transplants become the safest, most successful transplant surgeries in the world. With your support, we can continue to create a world of vision and advance the science of sight.

Ocular Tissue for Research

Supporting innovative research and remaining a major worldwide provider of tissue and other needed tools for clients in the area of ophthalmic research. Accredited and regulated by the EBAA and maintaining compliance with FDA.

Disease Research

The San Diego Eye Bank has been an integral part of research projects in development as well as ongoing investigations worldwide on how certain diseases affect the eyes for over 20 years. How can we help your department? 

Providing support to advance the science of sight

Supporting future discoveries, the San Diego Eye Bank provides ocular tissue and services for ophthalmic research and education. SDEB has been an integral part of projects in development as well as ongoing investigations on how certain diseases affect the eyes.

Professional Training

Physician Education and Training

The San Diego Eye Bank strives to offer education and training for ophthalmologists in their ongoing pursuit of knowledge. Experts in their field are recruited to present and educate on technological advancements, new surgical techniques, evolving treatment strategies, and on refractive surgical training.

Ophthalmic Technician Training

In 2012, the SDEB assumed the San Diego County Ophthalmic Medical Assistants Association, dedicated to providing education to technicians. Conferences are held annually providing continuing education units. Local ophthalmologists and other experts volunteer their time and expertise educating members.

Corneal blindness is a global problem and we are striving for a solution.

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