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Imagine you could not see a rainbow, a sunset or a child smile

For those suffering from corneal blindness, this is their reality

The Gift of Sight is the most precious gift imaginable. Becoming an eye donor leaves a legacy of hope for the blind.

Whether giving sight to two separate individuals through corneal transplantation or benefitting tens of thousands of patients for years through research and education, your decision to donate is a humanitarian act of kindness.

The cornea, known as the window to the eye, helps focus light on the retina. If it becomes cloudy due to injury or disease, light cannot reach the retina resulting in blindness. There is no substitute for human corneas or eyes. Your precious gift is the only way to restore sight to those who suffer from corneal blindness and other ocular diseases.

Donor Family & Recipient Guidelines

Writing a Letter to a Recipient

With your selfless donation, the Gift of Sight continues. As such, you may wish to write a heartfelt letter for the recipient(s) who received your loved one’s corneas.

Writing a Letter to a Donor Family

As a Corneal Recipient, you may write a letter of gratitude to the donor family who gifted your cornea. You may also receive a letter or other correspondence from the donor family.



Who can donate?

People with poor eyesight, cancer, diabetes and most other medical conditions can be eye donors

What about my religion?

All major religions support eye, organ and tissue donation

Could this effect funeral arrangements?

Eye donation does not delay or affect funeral arrangements, including open casket viewing

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to your family to be an eye donor.

Are donors names ever released?

Your decision to donate is confidential.

How does this help?

Corneal donation can help up to 8 people regain sight through transplantation and grafts. Eye donation can help thousands of patients through research and education.

Getting Started


It is said that more people know how you take your coffee than how you feel about organ donation. Talk to your family about your decision to become a donor.

Contact the San Diego Eye Bank for more information about eye donation. The San Diego Eye Bank is open 24/7 and available to provide information or answer your questions.


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