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With over 250 years of combined eye banking experience, the personnel of the San Diego Eye Bank (SDEB®) work tirelessly to provide the Gift of Sight to so many in need of sight restoration. The San Diego Eye Bank is the worldwide leader in the eye banking profession for over half a century for a very specific reasonits passionate, dedicated and highly responsive team providing exceptional 24/7 customer service.

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Is Membership Limited Access?

SDEB employs certified laser technicians, who specialize in the field of refractive surgery, to calibrate, maintain and operate the lasers for the surgeons. The Excimer team is dedicated to superior customer service and maintaining their status as one of the largest open access centers in the United States.

How do you supply Research Tissue?

The San Diego Eye Bank Procurement Department recovers ocular tissue for transplant and/or research from donors at local hospitals, hospices, funeral homes, the Medical Exam- iner’s Office, and other medical facilities.




Committed to best patient outcomes

As the largest eye bank in California, we are committed to the restoration and preservation of sight. Through our Gift of Sight program, we have helped restore sight to over 100,000 recipients. We provide a full range of tissue distribution services along with support for medical missions and research advancements. Additionally, we sponsor continuing education programs, wet labs, and training courses for physicians, ophthalmic technicians, and healthcare professionals.

The Board of Directors of the San Diego Eye Bank is comprised entirely of ophthalmologists from our community. They help ensure that SDEB continues to meet the needs of surgeons and their patients concerning the changing and emerging technologies in eye banking and the field of ophthalmology.

Since 1959, SDEB has remained an institution for the ophthalmic community in San Diego, across the nation, and around the globe.