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The San Diego Eye Bank® is dedicated to restoring sight around the world, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. In 1994 the SDEB assumed the ICP® from the Lions Eye Bank of the San Joaquin Valley. The ICP® is a humanitarian program whose mission is to provide corneas for transplantation to ophthalmologists and eye banks around the world.

To learn more about the ICP®, to make a donation of support, or to inquire about eligibility requirements for receiving ocular tissue, contact the San Diego Eye Bank.

Working to Eliminate Corneal Blindness

Since the inception of the ICP®, more than 37,000 corneas have been distributed for transplantation. The San Diego Eye Bank®, the ICP®, and the network of eye banks contributing ocular tissue to the program are committed to providing the Gift of Sight to those with corneal blindness. There are over 145 million people in the world with this form of blindness. Your financial donation or professional involvement in the project can help make a difference. If you would like to learn more, please contact the San Diego Eye Bank®.   

Facts about the ICP®

The ICP® is dedicated to making a difference around the world through its international ocular tissue distribution services and the promotion of tissue donation. The ICP® participates in the following:

  • Support of humanitarian projects and medical missions
  • Collaboration with a worldwide network of ophthalmologists and eye banks
  • The provision of quality corneas for transplantation
  • Advance surgical scheduling and prompt shipping
  • The establishment of processing fees based upon foreign market standards

Corneal Tissue Delivery

The staff of the ICP® works hard to ensure that ocular tissue donations arrive in San Diego as soon as possible. Once tissue has arrived, it is transferred to the lab for safe-keeping until it is distributed. Once a recipient ophthalmologist has been determined, the tissue is shipped by air. In the carrying out of prompt and successful deliveries of corneal tissue, the ICP® depends upon a cooperative network of donating eye banks, airlines, ophthalmologists, government officials, and physicians.

Program Funding and Support

The ICP® is administered by the San Diego Eye Bank®, which is a non-profit organization. The San Diego Eye Bank® Board of Directors has a strong commitment to the project and provides over $30,000 to the project annually to ensure its continued success. The program also relies on the tax-deductible donations of philanthropic individuals and ophthalmic practices.

Ophthalmologist Requirements

To take part in ICP® ocular tissue donation and distribution services, ophthalmologists must register with the San Diego Eye Bank® and provide a current copy of their curriculum vitae, which can be faxed to 858-565-7368 (00-1-858-565-7368 internationally).

Contact the San Diego Eye Bank®

If you would like to learn more about the ICP®, please contact the San Diego Eye Bank®.

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At the San Diego Eye Bank®, we are dedicated to providing medical education programs that feature internationally known speakers and the latest issues surrounding ocular tissue collection, distribution, and processing.

If you would like to learn more about the ocular tissue services provided by the ICP®, contact the San Diego Eye Bank today.

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