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About the San Diego Eye Bank® Board of Directors

The San Diego Eye Bank® Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the financial security of our California nonprofit corporation, helping us to ensure that we can continue to provide ocular tissue to the community and the world. Our Board of Directors also works to ensure that the San Diego Eye Bank® continues to meet the needs of ophthalmologists with respect to the changing and merging technologies in eye banking and the field of ophthalmology.

The San Diego Eye Bank® Board of Directors

The following individuals serve on the San Diego Eye Bank® Board of Directors, providing our organization with the benefit of their considerable knowledge and expertise:

  • Neil T. Choplin, MD, , President
  • Open, Vice President
  • Open, Secretary-Treasurer
  • John Bokosky, MD, Medical Director
  • Russell Edwards, MD, Director
  • Christopher Heichel, MD, Director / Associate Medical Director
  • Robyn G. Cohen, MD, Director
  • Gayle Howard, MD, PhD. Director
  • Francis Mah, MD, Director / Associate Medical Director
  • Lawrence S. Rice, MD, Director
  • David Schanzlin, MD, Director / Associate Medical Direcotr
  • Natalie Afshari, MD, UCSD Liaison / Associate Medical Director
  • Elizabeth Hofmeister, MD, U.S. Navy Liaison / Associate Medical Director
  • Glenn Wagner, DO, Medical Examiner Liaison
  • David J. Dorne, Esq., Non-Member Legal Advisor
  • Jeffrey G. Penta, MBA, C.E.B.T., Chief Executive Officer
  • Don K. Vonk, C.P.A., Non-Member Financial Advisor

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If you would like to learn more about eye donation, distribution, or our other services, please contact the San Diego Eye Bank today.

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The state-of-the-art San Diego Eye Bank® Excimer Laser Center is a community resource for both patients and physicians. Since it opened in 1996, thousands of patients have benefited from laser vision correction surgery at the facility.

At the San Diego Eye Bank®, we are dedicated to providing medical education programs that feature internationally known speakers and the latest issues surrounding ocular tissue collection, distribution, and processing.

If you would like to learn more about ocular tissue collection, processing, and distribution at the San Diego Eye Bank, contact us today.

San Diego Eye Bank®
3870 Murphy Canyon Rd #250
San Diego, CA 92123

Toll Free: 800-EYE-BANK
Local: 858-694-0400
International: 00-1-858-694-0400
Fax: 858-565-7368

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