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About Eye Donation — Cornea and Ocular Tissue Donation

By deciding to donate eyes and/or corneal tissue, individuals are able to give the Gift of Sight to two people suffering from corneal blindness, or are able to reach out to many more through the benefit of ocular research. At the San Diego Eye Bank®, our family services coordinators can answer your questions and help facilitate the donation process. 

If you would like to learn more about eye and cornea donation, or if you would like to make arrangements for yourself or a loved one to donate, contact the San Diego Eye Bank®.

Facts about Donation

Donating eye and/or corneal tissue can mean making a real, lasting difference in someone's life. At the San Diego Eye Bank®, we provide a special service where we facilitate your gift and provide for those in need!

  • Cornea donation can help two people see.
  • Donation aids in finding cures to blindness.
  • People with poor eye sight, cancer, diabetes, and most other health conditions can donate.
  • All major religions support donation.
  • Donation is a gift. There is no cost to you or your family to donate, and fees are not paid to the donor family.
  • Donation does not delay or affect funeral arrangements.
  • Open casket viewing is still possible after donation.
  • Your decision to donate is confidential.

About Cornea Transplant Surgery

The cornea is the front clear part of the eye which allows light to enter, enabling us to see. When the cornea becomes cloudy, light cannot enter the eye and vision loss or total blindness can occur.

Corneal transplant surgery is the only known cure for vision loss and blindness resulting from corneal injury or disease. The procedure involves the surgical replacement of a diseased or damaged cornea with a donor cornea. Through our Gift of Sight program, donations can help restore and preserve the ability for two people to see.

The Need for Donors

Every year, thousands of people suffer from corneal blindness, whether from disease or injury. Eye donation can help these individuals regain their sight and live a more fulfilling life. In addition, by providing valuable ocular tissue, eye donation can aid researchers as they study ocular diseases and create new, more effective treatments and technological breakthroughs.

Religious Views of Tissue Donation

Eye donation is supported by all of the world's major religions. The following are some of the views held by world religions regarding eye donation:

Buddhists are supportive of donation and believe organ donation is a matter that should be left to an individual's conscience.

Catholics view organ donation as an act of charity, fraternal love, and self-sacrifice. Transplants are ethically and morally acceptable to the Vatican.

The Church of Christ, Scientist are supportive of donation and does not take a specific position on transplantation or donation, but normally rely on spiritual, rather than medical, means of healing. A decision regarding organ donation is left to the individual.

Muslim beliefs support the principle of saving human lives.

Jehovah's Witnesses support donation and believe it is a matter best left to an individual's conscience.

Judaism teaches that saving a human life takes precedence over maintaining the sanctity of the human body.

Mormons support donation and are not prohibited by religious law from donating their organs or receiving transplants. The decision to donate is a personal one.

Protestants endorse and encourage organ donation.

Would You Like to Donate?

Whether you are making arrangements for yourself, or you are the legal next-of-kin and are making donation arrangements on behalf of a loved one, please contact the San Diego Eye Bank®.

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At the San Diego Eye Bank®, we are dedicated to providing medical education programs that feature internationally known speakers and the latest issues surrounding ocular tissue collection, distribution, and processing.

With your generous gift, our services will allow you to provide the most precious gift of all: the gift of sight. If you would like to learn more about eye donation, contact the San Diego Eye Bank® today.

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